• Sep 4 - Sep 7
    Fort McMurray Alberta

    Sustainival RMWB 2015

    Sustainival is bringing the world’s first Green Carnival back to Fort McMurray for another spectacular weekend of thrilling rides, beautiful music and performances, games and… Read More

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Our Vision for a Sustainable Future

Sustainival exists to inspire people about our awesome future.
We show the world what’s possible for the
sustainability of our lives, families and communities.

Changing the world by the seat of Your Pants

Sustainival began as a question: “How can we effectively reach millions of people and inspire them with a tangible vision of our sustainable future?” After several attempts to answer this question, we came to the obvious conclusion: a bio-powered gravitron.

Ok, maybe not so obvious. But the gravitron is indeed spectacular. Sustainival is just a ton of fun. The lights, the action, the nostalgia of being spun, flipped, and swung on these giant devices…

about_thumbnailWhat if we could power everything on renewables and use this exhilarating platform to showcase really cool clean-techologies and teach people about ecology and energy? What if we could take the age-old carnival tradition and turn it into a viral super-launcher for the vanguard of sustainable innovation?

So that’s Sustainival. The world’s first green carnival. We dream of a day when sustainable food, energy, and waste solutions are an integrated part of everyday life. Sustainival is our contribution to the vision of a future where our children thrive in fully realized sustainable communities that enrich both the quality of our lives and the ecosystems that host us.

Get ready #YMM for the return of the World's First Green Carnival when @Sustainval comes back to town! http://hub.am/1vbj50L #Sustainival
RT @WBFoodBank: Sustainival will be back in #ymm learn how you can help ea@woodbuffalofoodbank.com http://grouprev.com/foodbank14 #fmm #rmwb @Sust…
RT @TrixstarHQ: The World's 1st Green Carnival, @Sustainival, returns to @MacDonaldIsland August 29 - September 1! http://hub.am/1nwefIj #…

Thank You Trinity Power!

We would like to deeply thank Trinity power for saving our rear end as we put together the biggest event of our year.  Upon getting… Read More

The World's 1st Green Carnival, @Sustainival, returns to @MacDonaldIsland August 29 - September 1! http://hub.am/1nwefIj #YMM #Sustainival
RT @TrixstarHQ: The World's 1st Green Carnival returns to Fort McMurray this #Summer when @Sustainival visits @MacDonaldIsland! http://t.co…
The World's First Green Carnival returns to @MacDonaldIsland this #Summer! http://hub.am/1jW96nQ #YMM #Sustainival http://t.co/MKlDrptMYD
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