Click here to download the full 2013 Annual Report

2013 has been a momentous year. Since our first event in 2011, Sustainival has operated over 100 carnival rides, games, and educational installations at a dozen events in Canada and the US.

This year, we’ve focused on deepening the educational impact and community engagement of our events. We’ve worked extensively with municipalities, industry sponsors, and local businesses; we developed and prototyped a new event concept called the ‘Green Beast’ that effectively gamifies the entire midway, transforming the carnival experience into an educational ‘Amazing Race’-style competition; we showcased amazing technologies, engineered art projects, and solar-powered musical performances; we worked closely with schools to promote awareness and coordinate field trips for students; and we partnered with local charities and non-profits to support them in their fundraising efforts while promoting Sustainival events through their membership.

Sustainival is designed to be a deep and lasting inspiration for communities, to seek out and showcase local initiatives and champions for sustainability and clean-technologies in a way that fosters collaboration, awareness, and excitement throughout the year. With these latest innovations, that vision is unfolding and being realized more than ever before. For 2014, we will be ratcheting up the Awesome several notches further.

Our team has been intensely inspired over the course of the last year and we are moved by gratitude for the tremendous support and appreciation we have received from all of our partners and the communities that have hosted Sustainival this year. It is your inspiration that makes all of our efforts worthwhile.

Click here to download the full 2013 Annual Report

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