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The Low-Down Mary Anne Moser, director of the Banff Centre’s science communications program, and Jay Ingram, former host of the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet, joined forces to create this festival that celebrates both the left and right sides of the brain. The citywide event brings together the arts and engineering communities for a week of installations, parties, exhibits and competitions.

Poets, Rocket Scientists and Neuroscientists…Oh my! Billed as Ted Talks on steroids, the Walrus Talks: Experimentation features poet Christian Bök, author and neuroscientist Daniel Levitan, rocket scientist Natalie Panek and other luminaries waxing poetic on the moment experimentation causes us to step from the known into the unknown. Theatre Junction is going to be abuzz with big ideas come Sept. 14.

Experimental Eats You likely already knew that YYC’s mixology scene has been pushing the boundaries of libation-based engineering for the past few years, but Beakerhead will be upping the city’s game by encouraging cutting-edge chefs and bar folks to get experimental. Candela Lounge, downtownfood, Charcut, Muse and others (check beakerhead.org for the full list) will be dabbling in molecular gastronomy during the fest, so be sure to treat your taste buds to a night out.

It Is Easy Being Green Thanks to rides and amusements powered by vegetable oil, wind and solar power, Sustainival offers up all the usual carnival fun without any of the guilt associated with excessive energy use. Taking place Thursday through Sunday at the Stampede Park midway, the world’s first green carnival will have everything from food trucks to a Ferris wheel for a little end of summer family fun.

Dancing in the Dark Ain’t no party like one with a fully robotic band from Germany—or so we imagine. Here’s your chance to find out when three of Calgary’s coolest strips (East Village River Walk, Victoria Park Market Walk and Stephen Avenue Walk at Olympic Plaza) are transformed into outdoor party venues. Dress up as your favourite scientist, artist, robot, whatever, and prepare to get your freak (or should we say, geek?) on.

Beakerhead: Wednesday, Sept. 11 to Sunday, Sept. 15 at various venues. See beakerhead.org for a full schedule of events.
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