By David Fraser

I called Joey Hundert, founder and CEO of Sustainival, to find out what exactly his company is and what it has to do with Beakerhead.

Within one minute he said this:

“We’re bringing a 110-foot drop tower to Calgary.”

First of all, I’m in.

Second of all, what makes this different than the mega-drop ushered in by the Calgary Stampede?

Nothing much, really… other than the fact that Joey’s drop tower RUNS OFF OF VEGETABLE OIL.

And he doesn’t just have a drop tower.

He also has: a gravitron, a zipper, a tilt a whirl, a scrambler, a Ferris wheel and more.

That’s right: Sustainival is a theme park operating only on green technology.

It’s powered by what I picture in my head to be a trailer in the style of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Just instead of chocolate running the show, it’s veggies.

“It came out of a real desire to show people what’s possible in sustainability in our near future and just generate excitement and inspiration about it,” said Hundert.

This looks fun and environmentally friendly.

Hundert and Sustainival were recruited to join Beakerhead – an event where art and engineering join forces in Calgary Sept. 11- 15 to create a synergy of non-stop awesomeness – after he had given a presentation on activating community spirit in Fort McMurray.

“They told me about this mega-engineering-innovation-extravaganza,” said Hundert.

Like most who hear of Beakerhead, it didn’t take much convincing for Hundert and Sustainival to join.

Since the idea to create the “world’s first green midway” was hatched in 2006, while Hundert was trying to find ways of mixing green energy with profit.

“If we can help other amusements and carnivals and state fairs to head this way, then we’re totally excited about that,” he said.

Sustainival has done around 20 shows and reached almost 2 million people.

“People flip out, they love it.”

For more details, check out this link.

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