(Photos courtesy of Sky Hornig, Calgary Stampede Blog)

Sept 12, 2013 by Sky Hornig, communications advisor

The Stampede is very proud to be sponsoring Beakerhead–a new festival for anyone who likes merry-go-rounds, gothic rocketships, people in white lab coats doing back flips and robots (and really, who doesn’t?) The festival kicked off today in Stampede Park and is “a smash-up of art, creativity and engineering.”Jumpsuits

There was dancing and drumming, and Jay Ingram, beach balls and loads of other cool things. Also: fireworks off the Calgary Tower.towerOne of the many amazing things you can check out is Sustainival, a carnival entirely run on vegetable oil–and inspired by the idea of a biodeisel Gravitron. Anton Joey

The carnival uses about 3,500 litres of vegetable oil per event. They generate enough energy to power 300-500 homes! If you’ve ever wondered what turning oil into energy looks like, it’s kind of like this:VatsThere’s so much more to come from this festival, including a talk by 2013 Stampede Parade Marshal Chris Hadfield as well Beakernight which features giant spiders, a fortune telling laser kitty and Robot poetry. See you there!

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