One of the questions we routinely get at Sustainival is “You guys don’t REALLY run the whole event off of waste vegetable oil do you?”


Sustainival was founded based on the very idea of taking what we currently think of as waste and turning it into a massive, two acre carnival of spectacular fun and games.

This year at Sustainival, we’ve been working with a few of our partners to REALLY tell the story of how we take regular old veggie oil and process it (right on site!) into biodiesel that powers the entire midway.

The Alberta Canola team will be coming up to host a hands on exhibit that showcases just how versatile that bright yellow crop really is! On top of partners like Alberta Canola, it also takes an army of skilled workers and businesses to pull things off.

For that reason, we’re thrilled to welcome Trinity Power back as a partner because of their expertise as specialists in temporary power rental for oil & gas and mining clients. Not only do they help us out with Sustainival, but they just worked on the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and ran an astonishing 45.3 kilometres of cable for that event!

In total, Sustainival consumes over a megawatt of power and truly is a testament to the potential of sustainability in our everyday lives! If we can run an entire carnival off of waste vegetable oil, what else can we do to make the world a cleaner, greener place?

Come join us at MacDonald Island Park from September 4-7th to learn about all sorts of amazing things in the wonderful world of sustainability!