LETHBRIDGE, April 7, 2017

Sustainival, the World’s First Green Carnival, is coming to Lethbridge for the FIRST TIME in May!!! May 26 – May 28, 2017 is when we will fill the Enmax Centre parking lot with exhilarating games, attractions and rides – all powered by renewable energy! This unique carnival provides an experiential public education platform that celebrates energy literacy, sustainability, and clean-technologies.. oh and FUN at epic proportions.

Sustainival is FREE to attend. There isn’t a gate admission. You can check out all the entertainment, educational exhibits and games, Green Marketplace and so much more…. FREE of charge. Fees will apply for rides, carnival games and the Electric Drift Trikes.

Get ready to take part in the Green Beast Eco Challenge at Sustainival! What is that you ask?!?! It is an educational challenge that transforms the entire Sustainival midway into a giant live-action board game, where participants compete for cool prizes in an ‘Amazing-Race’-style contest of stamina and eco-learning. The very popular Green Beast Eco Challenge will run every day of the event! All you have to do is buy a day pass to the event and you will automatically be asked if you want to participate! Before you know it you will be riding all the rides, playing all the games and talking to all the cool local groups set up at the event in order to solve the puzzle. Did we mention PRIZES?!? It is a really great way to spend the day!

A summary of what is going on at Sustainival:

-The dates are May 26 – 28, 2017

-The location is the Enmax Centre Parking Lot

-This is a full-blown carnival powered on Green Energy.

-The Green Beast Eco Challenge will run every day!

-Other cool stuff to do at Sustainival… try out the Drift Trike Track, shop in the Green Marketplace, play with the free educational games, participate in a free Stiltwalking Workshop, check out a full weekend of free entertainment and eat luscious food to your heart’s content.

A long time staple event in the Fort McMurray area, Sustainival’s Green Carnival and the Green Beast Eco Challenge will run for the 6th time in Fort McMurray as the region’s largest annual event in 2017. The 2016 event drew over 20,000 attendees, about 25% of the regional population. The success of the event in Fort McMurray has allowed Sustainival Alberta (an Alberta Based not-for-profit) with the support of The City of Lethbridge and other local organizations and businesses, to come to Lethbridge!

Sustainival is so proud to be growing and spreading the fun and learning around Alberta. Thanks for bringing our not-for-profit event to your community for the first time!

Key sponsors for the 2017 event are The City of Lethbridge, Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation, Servus Credit Union, Mammoet and Prime Rentals, among others. Our sponsors allow us to bring the magic to you. Thank goodness for them!


GREEN BEAST ECO CHALLENGE: May 26 – May 28, 2017

LOCATION: Enmax Centre Parking Lot, 2510 Scenic Drive South, Lethbridge, AB


ABOUT SUSTAINIVAL :  Sustainival is the worlds first green carnival. We are an educational non-profit organization with a focus on energy literacy, sustainability, and clean-technologies. Our learning outcomes are delivered through our large-scale public events by means of spectacular games, competitions, pavilions, exhibits, demonstrations, performances, interpreters, and presentations. Since 2011, more than one and a half million festival-goers have experienced the exhilaration of Sustainival, while gaining a hands-on awareness of the potential of clean technologies and renewable energy. For more information, visit us at www.sustainival.com.



April Tilma

Senior Events Manager

Sustainival Alberta

1 (780) 686-0150