Learn about sustainability, while having fun!

The Sustainival Carnival is coming for Fort McMurray and will be filled with games, rides powered by renewable energy and an Eco-Race.

“Sustainival is the world’s first green carnival. We invented it to connect people to sustainability by the seat of their pants.” says Founder and CEO of Sustainival, Joey Hundert. “We figured that sustainability is a hard, heady topic to try and get your mind around so we wanted to turn it into something fun and physical. Therefore, we power giant fun machines on cutting edge renewable technologies so it is unforgettable.”

Hundert says youth from the community will learn about renewable energy while having fun.

“Everywhere they go they are reminded that these giant machines are running on waste vegetable oil.” explains Hundert. “Then they get to tour through the process that turns waste vegetable oil into fuel right on site. There is somebody there to explain that process to them. They leave with a very practical knowledge of, that plus that equaled a whole lot of fun.”

The event will also feature, the Green Beast, a new Eco-race.

“The Green Beast is like an amazing race meets our carnival.” explains Hundert. “It’s our carnival midway set up only we arrange it into a giant course. You have to hit every ride, every game, every physical challenge, run them all and conquer them all and tucked in each one is a clue and you have to find all of the clues and remeber them to help solve the green beast.”

Sustainival will take place at MacDonald Island Park from August 30th to September 2nd.

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