Biodiesel Gravitron??

Sustainival was born from the question: “How can we engage millions of people in a meaningful and spectacular conversation about sustainability?”

Photo by Britton Ledingham

Enter the biodiesel GRAVITRON!
A full-scale Sustainival event runs on approximately 1 Megawatt of power. That’s enough power to supply a small village of approximately 900 homes.

Sustainival is powered entirely by renewable energy: solar, wind, and biodiesel produced from waste vegetable oil.

If we can produce a live event for 20,000 to 50,000 people where we can spin you and your friends in a Gravitron at 3x G-force on renewables, then we can do it for your village too.

That was the basic premise. Now, throw in the Zipper, a Drop Tower, Electric Drift Trikes, and a Ferris Wheel for good measure, and pepper the whole space with educational games and brilliant interpretive street performances, and you’ve got a real show.

Freezing Man

Our first event took place at an indoor electronica festival hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. It was called Freezing man. They brought the music and we brought all the sizzle.

Since 2011, Sustainival has been a part of multiple events in Canada and the US.  The early events were plug-in installations where we brought a dozen or more renewable-powered rides to larger events like the International Fringe Festival in Edmonton or Riverfest in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Our first full-scale standalone Sustainival event took place
in Fort McMurray, Alberta in 2013.

This was an important opportunity to bring the Sustainival conversation to the heart of Canada’s oil industry, to explore the potential of  exponential clean-technologies, and to showcase some of the inspiring sustainability initiatives taking place in the region.

Since then, Sustainival has evolved into a robust communication platform for municipalities to engage with their citizens about local sustainability initiatives. It’s one thing to host a great sustainability industry conference for the keeners. But to really bring your message home to the moms and families, you need a Sustainival.

Joey Generator

The full-scale Sustainival events are also an opportunity for us to delve deep into the local communities and curate the most amazing local initiatives and sustainability champions. We work with local champions to create exhilarating interactive exhibits so that people can learn more about what is already happening in their back yard and how they can get involved.

We are so grateful that this wild idea has taken wing and received so much support from local municipalities and other partners. Each year, we are expanding on Sustainival’s educational portfolio and advancing toward the full vision of what Sustainival is meant to be: the most spectacular public platform in the world to engage the general public in an informed dialogue about energy and the environment.


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