New to the Fringe, Sustainival is the world’s only carnival powered solely by vegetable oil

From a distance, a faint smell of French fries could be found looming in the air around the Fringe Festival grounds.

For the first time in Fringe history Sustainival will be on scene, providing the world’s first-ever carnival that runs solely off of vegetable oil.

Eleven rides, including a Ferris wheel from the 1960’s, a Tilt-a whirl, and the all mighty Gravitron are all part of this years’ first all-green, and self-sustainable carnival.

“That’s what we like to do, is take classic carnival rides, and power them up on sustainable technologies in a demonstration in just how big we can go with sustainable technologies,” says Sustainival Executive Producer, Joey Hundert. “What we like to do is cause people’s first ‘green wow’.”

“The reason why the Fringe is such a good fit is they’re really focused on greening their festival and on having a sustainable culture themselves,” says Hundert. ” If it was just a carnival, it wouldn’t have worked, clearly, but because it’s a Sustainival there’s a harmonization of values.”

Two power generators, from Volvo Rents, run the entire carnival and can generate enough power (186 kilo-watts) to run 40-60 homes, says Hundert. The Gravitron requires 100 kilowatts of power to run.

While the smell of fries or mini donuts remains undetectable while on the rides, the smell is faintly detectable when walking away from the Fringe grounds.

Fun and Games

Four gaming kiosks will also be on scene. All prizes are ‘eco-conscious’, says Hundert. 100% organic cotton shirts, bamboo clothing and clothes made from recycled pop bottles, fold-up shopping bags, water bottles made with zero plastic products, and hockey and lacrosse sticks are available to be won.

The crème de la crème prize is a watch made entirely out of recycled furniture and flooring. The retail cost of the watch is $120.

A veggy-powered local DJ Lounge will play host to over 45 DJ’s for the entire Fringe Festival. “It will be probably the most epic local Dj event to happen in this cities history,” says Hundert.

Building a Brand

The ultimate end-goal for Sustainival is to one day become it’s own festival, attracting leaders in the sustainable technology industry to Edmonton. Hundert has had talks in the U.S to run state fairs and hopes to one day turn the Capital Ex into a completely sustainable fair that runs off canola oil.

“We could green ‘Cap Ex’ head-to-toe and make it a global destination for sustainability,” says Hundert. “To inspire and attract the worlds leading sustainable technologists would not be hard on that scale.”

“We’re working with state fairs in the U.S that are way bigger than Cap Ex. We can do that – it would not be a stretch,” says Hundert. “It would be an amazing endeavor and it would put Alberta on the map for sustainability which might be counter to what most people have Alberta being about.”

Local Edmonton group, Live Local will have a pavilion set up to showcase what sustainable technologies already exist in the city.

“It’s a carnival but there’s something much more special going on here,” says Hundert. ” You can come down and expect to have a good time and help the environment without even meaning to – to have a blast and save the world in one fell swoop.”