For all those people out there who thinking dreaming big is for kids, I have one word for you: Sustainival.

Joey Hundert was the ripe age of 30 when he thought of the idea. A big kid in his own rite, Hundert’s inspiration was straightforward: people love carnivals, carnivals travel all over the world, so why not create the first eco-friendly carnival?

With that, Sustainival (sustainability plus carnival) was born. But, little did Hundert know how much work it would take to make his dream a reality. Executing something on this large of a scale takes jumping through a lot of hoops.

First came securing some cash. Once Hundert had that in place, nothing could stop him. The next step was to start talking – to anyone and everyone that would listen.

Fast-forward six months later, Hundert went from previewing a few rides at the Freezing Man Festival in February to doing a mini-tour of North America in order to test the market. Sustainival passed with flying colours and is back in its hometown of Edmonton for a full scale launch at Fringeopolis, part of the Edmonton Fringe Festival’s 30th birthday celebration.

During this wild ride of determination and vision, Hundert has had a steep learning curve full of valuable lessons.

“Mistakes are costly. We try not to make them,” he says coyly.

On a more serious note, Hundert says early success is due to genuinely connecting with people.

“We have a completely pure intent: to excite people about our sustainable future together,” he says of the eco-infused entertainment that includes DJs and games with eco-friendly prizes.

“People get that. They understand why what we are doing is so important.”

During Fringe (Aug 11 to 21), Sustainival is located near the Armoury on 85 Ave. and 104 St. Tickets are $73.50 and give you an all-access-ride-pass for the entire 10 days of Fringe. For more information, visit