Antoine is a passionate social entrepreneur; father of 4 children; avid hiker, snowboarder, mountain-biker and squash player. From the age of 19, he lived in Hindu monasteries in Vancouver, France, Germany, and India. After graduating from the order, he traveled extensively throughout Europe and settled in Vienna, where he owned and managed several businesses and began to develop a real estate portfolio. After returning to Canada in 2007, Antoine formed Konscious Corp., a consulting firm that has consulted on dozens of social and clean-tech ventures in the Edmonton area. He also maintains a commercial real estate portfolio to help fuel his social enterprise habit.

Through his many adventures, Antoine has come to embrace entrepreneurship as a powerful agent of social and economic innovation. He believes that humanity has the capacity to design and recreate itself as a steward of our planet, but that achieving this requires whole-systems thinking. Our sustainable future depends not only on technological innovation; we must also embrace the complexity of social, economic, and political dynamics in order to develop real lasting solutions. For Antoine, social enterprise is an avenue that leverages market forces to test and refine strategies for fulfilling on social and environmental mandates.