Joey Hundert is a young executive, singly-focused on sustainability, operating out of the Edmonton area for the past 10 years. Between 2001-2009, Joey owned and managed several successful consulting firms in the areas of enterprise development, venture capital, economic analysis, strategic planning, business planning, community planning and sustainable technologies. He has been involved with dozens of start-up enterprises, helping in the areas of planning, strategic oversight and sourcing capital.

Joey launched Sustainival in 2011. He is somewhat madly obsessed with sustainability due to a belief that the quality of life for so very many people could be just so much higher, and that it can be raised while respecting our global habitat. Joey has been involved in ventures and adventures as varied as venture capital to multi-day grassroots community gatherings. It is his sincere wish to permanently inspire 100 million people, through the dreams and aspirations of Sustainival.