Lynne Motoska has a passion for planning events and bringing people together! She’s been organizing events as a volunteer for many years, but Lynne really kick-started her career in 2011 after graduating from NAIT. Since then she has been involved in coordinating thousands (literally thousands) of events across Edmonton & Alberta; everything from annual city festivals to community programming. Saying that she is versatile is an understatement!

Lynne’s event management style has her tackling every aspect with passion, dedication and incredible organization. She enjoys the creativity of designing weddings and planning private functions, however, community events and festivals are her forte!

Even with a busy career, Lynne’s always found time to sate her curiosity to learn about different cultures and explore diverse ways of living. Lynne has a collection of wild stories from traveling to the far corners of the 6 major continents; from initiating her pilot’s license in New Zealand to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, she’s up for any adventure!

Yoga and meditation keep this lady composed, but on the event site she’s ready to rock and roll!!