An Edmonton festival organizer hopes the capital of Canada’s richest oil and gas province will be home to the world’s first ever self-sustaining carnival in 2012.

Joey Hundert, 30, says he’s contacted city officials with his idea of a new carnival called Sustainival. It would offer rides powered by vegetable oil and wind, he said.

Hundert said he also envisions green-themed entertainment at the environmentally-focused festival, which could include a massive yoga class he hopes could to top a world record.

Hundert believes the event would be too big for Churchill Square. It’s a reason why organizers are hoping to have the massive, self-sustaining carnival at Hawrelak Park or Northlands.

“With Alberta being all about energy, being sustainable is all about innovation in energy,” said Hundert.

“We are connecting people to new forms of energy by the seat of their pants and the green energy (industry) is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.”

Hundert gave hundreds of concert goers during Saturday night’s Freezing Man Festival at the Northlands Expo Centre a bit of a tease by offering them a chance to hop on a number of vegetable oil-powered rides

That includes the Tornado, a massive machine that swings riders in the air as they sit in bucket seats. Many of the rides are powered by diesel generators that use processed vegetable oil.

The Gravitron, a machine that spins riders around in a massive top, runs on wind power from credits offered from Bullfrog Power, a green electricity provider.

“I am obsessed with sustainablity,” said Hundert.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been obsessed with it. Now I’ve been trying to advance sustainable causes so that we can live on this planet for a long time.

“(The carnival) is the best way to reach out to people and inspire them.”

Hundert says the carnival’s committee has been in talks with the city about the event and more meetings are scheduled within the next two months.